“Why did God grant human beings free will?

This was the question that arose within me as I read through the story of Adam and Eve and their eating of the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. I simply could not understand why God let them partake of the fruit…” READ MORE


I thought about my college years during my car ride to Illinois. I asked myself, ‘What kind of people will I meet? How will I change after four years?’ The feeling of uncertainty ran through my mind as I recalled a scene from the recent Olympics…” READ MORE


Before coming to Northwestern, I was a seeker. I sought knowledge, fame, fortune, everything for myself. I could say the Our Father, Ave Maria, and Glory Be prayers in three different languages. But they didn’t touch me in English any more than they did in Latin or Greek. I read the Bible, but only scholastically…” READ MORE


When I came to college I was filled with dreams of the stage. I auditioned for a departmental production my first semester and received a small speaking/singing role. Soon I was absorbed. I spent hours discussing the art of acting, went to shows to study other actors, and received praise from upper classmen and professors about my acting ability. My happiness was only skin deep. Inside I felt empty…”  READ MORE