Bible Study


Come join us for our weekly Bible study every Friday, from 7-9 pm at alumni homes located in the campus vicinity. You can also email us if you would like to read the Bible with the club staff at your convenient time.

Example of what we cover in our Bible Study:

Luke 4:18-21

We had an awesome time at our first Bible study of the quarter where we heard the Jubilee announced from Luke chapter 4.  Before we received Jesus Christ we were poor (in divine things, Luke 12:21), captive (under Satan’s power, Eph. 4:8), blind (spiritually, Acts 26:18), and oppressed (bruised/broken, Matt. 12:20).  But hallelujah today is the year of Jubilee where we can be released from captivity and returned to our rightful possession: Christ!

“To know Him…” -Phil. 3:10.